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Timber Framing

An Ancient Way of Building

Old New England Restoration, Inc. offers a full range of timber framing, post and beam, and heavy timber services from design to finish, in addition to preservation and assessment of existing structures. Stephen Kemmett, who’s bio can be seen on the About Us page, is the Timber Framing Division Lead.


Timber framing is an ancient building method that utilizes large timbers joined one to another with traditional mortise and tenon joints that are fastened by wooden pegs. Each tree is carefully selected to provide building components according to it’s quality, and shaped with precision to exacting tolerances. This is why, when you look at the historic homes of New England, and much of the world, you are looking at a timber frame. Though some of the tools have gotten an update, Old New England still uses the tried and true methods of our forefathers to produce beautiful and functional timber frames. 


Post and Beam, or mill construction, is a more recent innovation credited to pioneers in the United States and England around the dawn of the industrial revolution. Instead of hand crafted mortise and tenon joints, requiring expert craftsmen, builders began to rely on factory made plates and bolts to hold timbers together. Factories, bridges, warehouses, docks, and transportation hubs were typically built using this method. By combining creative engineering, the strength of timber, and a streamlined process; builders were able to achieve greater heights, lengths, and widths than ever before. This method has become popular for larger commercial buildings and with folks who have fallen in love with the buildings of this bygone era. 


Heavy timber construction is very simply everything else that uses large dimension timbers. From log cabins to glue-laminated archways, or even reciprocal roofs that work without a single fastener, careful engineering and craftsmanship have pushed building with timber into new areas of construction. Many that seek a more modern look value the high performance and unquestionable beauty and warmth that heavy timber adds to any design. 


Whether it is repairing the rotten beams in your beloved home, or raising an entirely new structure, Old New England of Massachusetts has the passion and expertise to make your vision a reality.

All Images on this page ©StephenKemmett

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