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Consultation, Planning & Design

Multi-Year Restoration Plans

Old New England Restoration, Inc. goes to great lengths to assist owners of older properties throughout Massachusetts to fulfill their design and build visions when planning each project. Careful consideration is given to the period from which the property was built, present day desires and functionality, as well as possible future use and maintenance. Whether renovation, restoration or preservation, each project is uniquely designed in direct partnership with property owners.


Old New England Restoration offers multi-year restoration plans which helps property owners navigate the complex task of keeping the "horse before the cart". This approach helps to keep restorations moving forward in a positive motion, as well as being financially advantageous.


Old New England Restoration has contracted areas of specialty to the same sub-contractors for many years. This working relationship is one reason we have been able to avoid much of the confusion and frustration that is often associated with having work done. This said, we respect and understand that property-owners may have, or would like to have, plumbers and electricians know their properties.


Old New England Restoration is agreeable to working collaboratively with other specialists because we respect the fact that these long-term relationships are valuable to properties and to those living and/ or working in them.

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