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Kitchens & Bathrooms

Renovation & Restoration 

Kitchen renovation and restoration are the most highly variable areas of any home project. Kitchens are frequently the room that homeowners most enjoy updating. They are often the heart and soul of a home- a place of comfort- a place that is witness to the uniqueness with which each person/couple/family unit leads their lives. A new kitchen provides for an amazing opportunity for creative expression and to meet the specific needs and desires of those residing in the home. Early colonial homes did not have kitchens that are anything close to what we know today. Old New England Restoration is instrumental in helping to create visions that interpret what original kitchens may have looked like and what is currently desired and then blending it into the overall character and flow of homes, while working within current building codes. From a large fireplace with a beehive oven to a modern stove, from cupboards to cabinetry and from a keeping room setting to a gourmet kitchen, the options are endless. Selecting a company, such as Old New England Restoration, that has decades of experience and expertise is of great importance. Old New England Restoration also understands that, despite the joy of a new kitchen, the project can be a source of disruption and inconvenience to those residing in the home. There are options, including working with homeowners to setup temporary kitchens, that can be considered.


Bathroom renovation and restoration are almost as variable as that of the kitchen. Because early period homes were not plumbed, bathrooms were not as we know them today. It was not uncommon for later plumbing to create problems. The plumbing in old buildings can continue to be a source of challenge. While a challenge, understanding current building codes is still essential. Though they reside in antique houses with plenty of character, old house owners typically seek current day comforts and have unique visions for their bathrooms, just as other homeowners do. Achieving all of this, while ensuring that bathrooms blend into the character of homes, requires experience and expertise. It is this that has helped to build the reputation of Old New England Restoration, Inc. over the past two plus decades.

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