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Old New England Restoration Reviews

"Ever since we moved into our dream home, a 1789 center chimney colonial, a totally inappropriate typical picture window had to be replaced. The view from the window was spectacular and the light it provided in the keeping room was wonderful, but from the exterior it was a sore thumb.

Figuring out how to replace it and finding the right person for the job took some time. Somewhere along the line I had seen an ad for Old New England Restoration so I sent them an email explaining what the task would be, pictures of the existing window, and thoughts about what we would like to accomplish. Bill responded quickly and arranged a site visit.
As we had spent many years working on the house ourselves, we had acquired a respectable knowledge about old house restoration, and our house in particular, as well as its idiosyncrasies. Whatever we did in replacing the window had to be respectful to the house. After our first meeting with Old New England Restoration we knew that Bill had the knowledge, empathy, and design experience to do the job.

It was amazing to watch Bill and his son Billy work on this project. They were careful, thoughtful, and methodical and when problems were found, they were carefully explained to us with options for what might be done next.


If you love and respect the early homes of New England, Old New England Restoration should be a first consideration for any project. They can be counted on to work with you, and once the job is started see it through in a timely manner. Their work ethic is outstanding and the end result will be beyond expectations. Thank you, Old New England Restoration!"

- Ken & Dianne

Rehoboth, MA

"At a time when most 'craftsman' seem most interested in just getting a Job done, even if it means cutting corners, Old New England Restoration is a remarkable exception. Restoration is far more than just reconstruction. It requires knowledge, special expertise and patience. Not surprisingly, as with any old house restoration, we discovered unexpected problems that had to be addressed. At every step of the process, Bill Hardiman diligently assessed the situation and
presented us with options, being sensitive to both the needs of this old house and the balance in our checking account! Wherever possible, he tried to preserve original structural elements and architectural features. When preservation was not appropriate, he restored the original work if he could, resorting to replacement only when it was necessary to ensure safety and quality. His honesty, understanding and commitment to both us and the Jonathan Cutler Homestead as a
living piece of history gave us great comfort and satisfaction that the job was being done right. His care in selecting appropriate materials and his application of both traditional and, where appropriate, modern construction techniques, produced stunning results. The restoration of the Jonathan Cutler Homestead was a very big job, and it was done very carefully and extremely well. 


There is something very special about living in an historic building, and that opportunity carries with it certain responsibilities. People who choose to live in old houses understand that they are just passing through–the Jonathan Cutler Homestead was here long before the Declaration of Independence was written, before our Constitution was signed. It had stood proudly for more than a century before the Civil War. This grand house has stood witness to the entire history of our nation and deserves respect as part of our heritage. Sure, it has changed over time as all things do. It has had a life of its own. This dwelling has provided not only shelter, but a place for families to live and grow together…The Cutlers, the Travis family, and those families who have who succeeded them, including ours. Our responsibility and desire was to do more than just "fix the place up" It was very clear to us that Old New England Restoration felt the same way.


Thanks to their special skill, emphasis on quality craftsmanship and painstaking attention to every detail, the Jonathan Cutler Homestead is stronger and more beautiful than ever, and will continue to be part of our heritage for generations to come, even if we are only passing through. We could not be more impressed by or more satisfied with the work of Old New England Restoration; it is not very often that one can make a statement like that today."

- Greg K., Jonathan Cutler Homestead Owners
Holliston, MA

"Another beautiful job completed by Bill. We just had our front roof re-done and the crown molding finishing. As in many old houses things are often more complicated then expected but the job came out beautiful. We have had snow since and the new copper drip edge is doing it’s job! This is one of many projects that Bill and his capable crew have done for us. He is a master craftsman that cares deeply about the quality of his work and our house. Bill has been great about working with us to prioritize projects, create a plan and timeline and will always offer up multiple options so that we can keep to our budget realities (when we bought our 1830 home we were told the good news and the bad news were the same. Almost nothing had been done to the house over the years). And very importantly we have had a few emergency situations that he has made himself available to get us out of a bind. We will have Bill working on projects into the foreseeable future and highly recommend him and his work. We were lucky to find him!"

- Venson S.

Sudbury, MA

"I have worked with Bill and his crew on two occasions. Please note that I used the word "with" because that was my experience both times. Bill presumes nothing. While he offers his opinions, and gives expert suggestions, he respectfully leaves final selections to his clients (if doable). It is important to me to be heard. The final products, both times, were reflective of his "team" approach. He had the patience of a saint with me! I love the kitchen and bathroom remodel!
Even though I wanted to keep with the period of my old home, I wanted the comforts offered to today’s homeowners. Bill brilliantly interpreted what that may have looked like and worked like and produced what exceeded my every expectation! We are now talking about another project. Bill appreciates my loyalty to him, and I appreciate his loyalty to me. He feels more like an old friend in my home than an intrusive stranger. I have and will continue to refer him for work, especially for those residing in older homes!"

- Shirly M.
Newton, MA

" We hired Old New England Restoration a few years ago to begin restoration work on structural repairs to our historic house. The qualities of a contractor important to us: in-depth knowledge of and respect for maintaining the integrity of historic houses, an understanding of our difficulties and funding constraints as we are a non-profit managed by a volunteer organization; a company we could trust; and fair pricing. Old New England Restoration are very responsive to our needs and are willing to take the time to explain in layman’s language the scope of the work. The have also represented us at our city’s Historical Commission and are presenting to our members a program on what work is needed and why. Old New England Restoration has worked diligently with us to breakdown the work in to manageable pieces. Also, when we applied and received a grant for some preservation work, they supported us with more detail and pictures that were necessary to fulfill the grant’s guidelines. We continue to work with them on restoration and preservation needs; and we are in the process of jointly putting together a 5-year plan for needed restoration as well as an on-going maintenance plan. One most important quality is how very organized and neat they are when working on our house. There is never any debris around and before they leave the site, it is left in a well-organized and clean state."

- Linda H.
Worcester, MA

"I worked with Bill Hardiman and his team over the course of many years, restoring a 1722 antique colonial. Bill's workmanship is unparalleled. But, it's also his attention to detail and credo of "do it right". Bill doesn't shortcut anything, nor does he endeavor to rush a project to completion if there are underlying issues. And let's face it, with old houses there are ALWAYS issues that may not reveal themselves until you are tearing into a project. Bill is also very good at reviewing a home and creating a long term project plan that takes into account a homeowner's finances, prioritization of work, and degree of difficulty, amongst other factors. I recommend, highly, Old New England Restoration. You won't be disappointed."

- Ned S.
Holliston, MA

"Bill is a top notch craftsman that truly cares about the quality of his work and the houses he works on. He strives to do the job "right". His approach to jobs and clients is as a long term relationship, so doing a great job and satisfying our wishes and expectations is always a priority. He would like his work to long out last us. He and his staff are respectful, thoughtful and
professional. ONER tries to work within our budget, typically providing different approaches, options, and budget levels. They are fair and if the unexpected arises (as they do with antiques), they will do their best to not bust the budget. ONER stands by their work. At times, they have higher expectations of their work than we did. Time and time again, we have been thrilled by the quality and result of the work performed. We will continue to use ONER and highly recommend ONER. Specific work has been on our antique 1830 Colonial for about a decade, doing a wide range of work from rough work to fine woodworking. ONER has replaced the roof, installed copper ice belt on roof, removed snow/ice dams, fixed and replaced some the house sills and waterboards, replaced clapboard, fascia, rack, and corner boards, painted the house exterior, repaired and replaced some window trim and sills, installed new window sashes, installed storm windows, installed a granite front door stoop, repointed the basement fieldstone walls, laid down moisture barrier in the basement, install additional support (beams and column dollies) for the 1st floor flooring in the basement, repaired/replaced wide pine flooring, repaired interior plaster walls and ceilings, and installed bathroom fan."

- Venson S.
Sudbury, MA

"It takes a lot of experience, knowledge, and skill to successfully work on antique homes and that is exactly what i received with Old New England Restoration. They cared as much about my homes, Boston and Hull, as I do. I appreciated their ability to pause, reassess, and communicate when something unexpected unfolded (which is pretty common with older Homes). The work wasn't cheap but was absolutely worth it and warranted in both cases! I intend to use this company again and highly recommend them."

- John M.
Boston & Hull

"My wife and I recently hired Old New England Restoration for our kitchen renovation. It was a great experience from start to finish. Bill who is the lead contractor, was easy to work with. He came out to our home to plan out the work. We had a lot of questions about add-ons and the pros and cons of various parts of the job. He was very candid, honest, and patient with us. He spent a great deal of time in just the preparation of our job alone. I would have thought to hire someone who puts this much time and effort into their work would have cost an absolute fortune but his prices were actually more reasonable than other quotes we received and the quality is top notch. It's obvious that Bill and the team at Old New England are simply very passionate about their work. We are beyond happy with our decision to hire them. And most importantly, we love our new kitchen, it’s beautiful and more functional. If we need more work done to our home, without a doubt, our first call will be to Old New England!"

- Tom R.
Worcester, MA

The Hardimans are a wonderful family and their business is absolute top notch. Being able to recommend such quality work for family friends is an honor and we love supporting them in any way we can.

- Tricia C.

"We bought our antique cape knowing it would need work. The fact that it still stands is a testament not only to the builders, but the families that have maintained it for the past 250ish years. We wanted to continue that legacy with a trustworthy and knowledgeable craftsman and we were lucky to find Old New England Restoration.

We have a lengthy to do list, which is overwhelming. Bill encouraged us to think long term and helped us schedule projects in a more sustainable way.

Bill and his crew have built two exterior doors for us so far. We plan to work with them to replace our first floor windows, and we hope to continue to work with him on all of our future projects. The crew goes above and beyond to build trust. They communicate often, make honest recommendations, and honor our requests.

Bill is also incredibly thoughtful and his attention to detail is appreciated. He epoxied termite damage and repainted the floor without us even asking. In addition to that, he hung my wreath on our new front door using an antique nail that he painted to match.

Bill and Cheri are professional in all phases of their business. We are very happy with their work and we highly recommend them."

Jeena S.

Uxbridge, MA

Ken & Dianne
Cutler Homestead
1830 name
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