Curved Projects

Turrets and Towers

A tower is the rounded part of a building that begins at the same level as the main building. A turret is a small rounded attachment to a comparatively larger building.

Turrets and towers are part of an architectural design that trace back to medieval times, as demonstrated in castles of that period. They were used to improve defensive positioning. They provided visual appeal in the Victorian era. Perhaps the most elegant use of towers and turrets was expressed during the peak of Queen Anne architecture (late 1880’s-early 1900’s). From the outside, these structures were grand and beautiful compliments, often with eye-catching features. Equally stunning from the inside, the arch shape that resulted from towers and turrets also created a welcoming living space.

Restoration of curved architecture is a challenge, at best. It is considerably slower and requires a great deal of skill, attention to detail and understanding of historic structures.

Below is an example of a current project that Old New England Restoration, Inc. is working on. Each piece of siding was carefully steamed and hand shaped with pride.

Curved Projects