Our Services

We offer a variety of services, throughout Massachusetts, and have categorized them for ease of use


We go to great lengths to assist owners of older properties, in Massachusetts, to fulfill their individual visions when planning each project. Careful consideration is given to the period from which the property was built, present day visions and functionality, as well as possible future use and maintenance. Whether renovation, restoration, or preservation, each project is uniquely designed in direct collaboration with the homeowners.


Interior and exterior restorations and renovations are meticulously planned and designed. Maintaining historic integrity is central to our work at Massachusetts-based Old New England Restoration, Inc.


Old New England Restoration has been producing the majority of their customized millwork for many years in Massachusetts. Homeowners have long raved about the old world quality of our fine woodworking projects.


Kitchen renovation and restoration is one of the most highly variable areas. When updating the room, natural flaws that developed over time should be corrected. However, these flaws can often add to the character of the room when a period kitchen is being sought. From a large fireplace with a beehive oven to a modern stove, from cupboards to cabinetry, and from keeping room setting to gourmet kitchen, the options are almost endless.


The most particular of Massachusetts homeowners is certain to appreciate our painting services. Whether we are painting as a finish to a project we have completed or the project is painting itself, the result is prideful in appearance, preservation and longevity. We are fully equipped for interior and exterior projects. Beyond painting, we offer plaster repair, restoration plaster, fine oil finishing, and wax finishing and faux finishing.


Additions to older homes are frequently the area where many problems exist. It was often out of necessity that additions were created, to accommodate a growing and/or extended family. At times, there was little regard given to the original period of construction, aesthetic value, or even the well being of the home. When we create an addition for an older home or renovate an existing addition, the general flow and character must be realized.


Massachusetts antique homeowners need not wait for major restorations to call. It is often the smaller jobs that build a homeowner’s confidence in us. Specializing in old home projects, we understand that series of smaller projects is often favored, for financial and other reasons. Our reputation precedes us as being instrumental in assisting homeowners to develop long term planning. Whether planned or emergent, we offer expansive and general maintenance services for the interior and exterior of homes.


Turrets and towers are part of an architectural design that trace back to medieval times, as demonstrated in castles of that period. They were used to improve defensive positioning. They provided visual appeal in the Victorian era. Perhaps the most elegant use of towers and turrets was expressed during the peak of Queen Anne architecture (late 1880’s-early 1900’s). From the outside, these structures were grand and beautiful compliments, often with eye-catching features. Equally stunning from the inside, the arch shape that resulted from towers and…