Non Residential

Municipal/Government, Commercial, Non-ProfiIn addition to privately-owned and non-profit historical properties, Bill Hardiman, Old New England Restoration, Inc. founder and president, has a successful history in providing municipal/government and commercial historical restoration services over the past 30 years and is further expanding this division specific to municipal/government projects.

The historical restoration services offered by Old New England Restoration, Inc. are extremely diverse, as can be seen at As a veteran builder and supervisor, Bill commands quality of himself, his staff and any sub-contractor working with him. Having a loyal and long-standing group of plumbing and electrical sub-contractors throughout the commonwealth of Massachusetts, Old New England Restoration is able to avoid many delays associated with construction projects. While Old New England Restoration may, in some cases, choose to sub-contract certain areas of specialty, there is very little that they do not have the capacity for and expertise in. In fact, Old New England Restoration produces most of it’s own millwork.

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