To some, a kitchen is merely another room in the house; they may make do with it as is, favoring other rooms. Others may seek the image of a stunning gourmet kitchen but spend little time in it or even choose to eat out. Some kitchens become acquainted only with the cook or cooks of the home. These kitchens are platforms by which meals are prepared but the meals are then served in another area of the house. The non-cooks of the household may avoid the kitchen at all costs.  

For many of us, our kitchens are the very hearts and souls of our homes. Despite the age of our homes, our kitchens have personalities of their own. Their walls are witness to plenty of cooking, no doubt, but that’s not all. As the writer of this particular blog, I identify with those who love to cook, spend a lot of time in the kitchen and welcome others into the rich experiences that a kitchen can offer. 

These kitchens know not the hour. They are frequented for luncheons, for family dinners, after-school snacks and homework, a chat over coffee and tea for those who can’t find sleep. It welcomes a bustling holiday filled with guests with as much ease as it does breakfast for one.  Such a kitchen embraces all. It hears the sorrow of cries and joys of laughter. It knows challenges, and it knows triumphs of life. It is the source for creative inspiration and expression that go far beyond the food prepared in it. For many of us, the kitchens of our parents and grandparents are the source of some of our earliest memories. 

For the heart and soul of our homes, our kitchens need to have appeal. They need to take on a personality that draws us in, and that personality should reflect the needs and desires of those who occupy it. It is for this reason that kitchen design has no limits. 

A room that has been so central to our lives deserves our attention. Is it fully- functioning? Is it conducive to your wants and needs? Does your antique kitchen need just a little updating? Do the appliances still do their job efficiently? Are you looking for antique-looking appliances? Is your kitchen too big or too small? Is it too open or too closed? Does it’s lighting, color and texture invite you either with brightness or serenity- or both? 

At Old New England Restoration, Inc., kitchens are right up there with our favored projects! We have the experience to create a completely new kitchen (whether you actually use it or not) or pay homage to it with some updates. While our specialty is historic restoration, we understand and are responsive to the need and desire to modernize, while ensuring your kitchen blends well to the rest of your home.  If a period kitchen is your goal, there are a myriad of options from which to choose. Regardless of the amount or style, if you seek a high quality kitchen for your older home, and a team that respects your time and financial resource, please do visit us at We hope to hear from you!